Top keynote speakers, inspiring entrepreneurs and international leaders who are doing it, share their stories on Purpose day. Bold and brave change makers who witness the same struggles and dilemma’s like all of us, but act differently,  paving the path to a new definition of doing business. Learn how they think and act. 


Ann-Sofie Gunnarsson & Åsa Skogström Feldt
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How a retail giant is merging with social entrepreneurs


Joey Vermijs
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How advertising becomes a force for positive impact


Tjeerd Jegen
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How an iconic brand is using purpose to reinvent itself


Thomas Kolster
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How to communicate trustworthy marketing messages on purpose

Ecover / Method

Tom Domen
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How to scale your company without losing your soul

Verstegen Spices & Sauces

Marianne van Keep
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How to turn sustainability into purposeful entrepreneurship

MKB Brandstof

Martijn Raaijmakers
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How to turn your business into a force for climate positivity

Riksja Travel

Fenny Koppen & Jeroen van Vilsteren
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How to create meaningful impact with your competitors


Roebyem Anders
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How to ignite a solar revolution


Inge Massen Biemans & Jeff Turner
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How to use purpose as a driver for sustainable business growth

Purpose Day ’19

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From personal motivation to growth.

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