’18 : Raj Sisodia

Conscious Capitalism

Writing about a humane economy

‘Healing the capitalist system’. Conscious Capitalism is a movement set up by Raj Sisodia. He is the author of different books like ‘The rule of three’, ‘Firms of Endearment’ and of course ‘Conscious Capitalism’.

In many of his lectures and keynotes that Raj Sisodia gives he speakes about the possibilities of making capitalism human again. Capitalism must be above all a vehicle for a higher purpose. Not the company’s profit comes first, but that which the company adds to this world. The most important reversal in thinking about capitalism and entrepreneurship is his statement that there are no shareholders, but stakeholders. The greatest importance is then that the company or organization strives for the right purpose in the entire chain.

‘Where is your organization today on the journey to a stakeholder orientation? Who are your stakeholders, and what are the opportunities to improve stakeholder relationships? Where does value-creation opportunities exist with underserved stakeholders?’

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