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Friday November 15th 2019

From old school idealism to the new realism.

From underground to sustainable business growth.

From win-lose to a positive sum game.

Challenging the status quo of doing business.

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Purpose Day goes beyond the suspected Keynote talks and smooth monologues. During this day you will get inspired by and talk to leaders of the purpose economy. We invite you to join our open-hearted conversations and discussions, ask for business advice and even share your critical remarks.

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Thomas Kolster
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How to communicate trustworthy marketing messages on purpose

Riksja Travel

Fenny Koppen & Jeroen van Vilsteren
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How to create meaningful impact with your competitors


Roebyem Anders
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How to ignite a solar revolution


Inge Massen Biemans & Jeff Turner
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How to use purpose as a driver for sustainable business growth

Purpose Day ’19

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From personal motivation to growth.

Discover the full line up of our
purpose driven minds

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Participate in workshops and talk to our coaches. 
Get inspired, get connected and get started!




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